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Class Schedule (Rain or Shine):

date days schedule open seats price signup
19, 20 Sun, Mon Sun-Mon 0 $219.00 FULL
21, 22 Tue, Wed Weekday 0 $209.00 FULL
24, 25, 26 Fri, Sat, Sun 3-Day Weekend 2 $219.00 signup
25, 26 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 4 $235.00 signup
27, 28 Mon, Tue Weekday 4 $209.00 signup
30, 1 Thu, Fri Weekday 3 $209.00 signup

date days schedule open seats price signup
2, 3 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 0 $235.00 FULL
4, 5 Mon, Tue Weekday 6 $209.00 signup
7, 8 Thu, Fri weekday 6 $209.00 signup
9, 10 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 12 $235.00 signup
11, 12 Mon, Tue Weekday 6 $209.00 signup
14, 15 Thu, Fri Weekday 6 $209.00 signup
16, 17 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 12 $235.00 signup
18, 19 Mon, Tue Weekday 5 $209.00 signup
21, 22 Thu, Fri Weekday 5 $209.00 signup
23, 24 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 11 $235.00 signup
26, 27 Tue, Wed Weekday 5 $209.00 signup
28, 29 Thu, Fri Weekday 6 $209.00 signup
30, 31 Sat, Sun 2-Day Weekend 12 $235.00 signup

Student Quotes

"Awesome class, awesome instructors. No wonder you call it 'Awesome Cycles"

"Enjoyed the large amount of seat-time on the bikes"

"Initially referred by Kay's then called ten other motorcycle dealerships. Seven of them gave Awesome #1"

"Awesome School, I recommend this course for everyone!"

"Very encouraging, positive, fun, all around a great experience!"

"This course rocks, the staff is awesome!"

"The instructors made me feel comfortable about not having any experience. They were patient with everyone also."

"Great class. I have been riding motorcycles for a while and this class definitely helped my road riding skills."

"I had never been on a bike before this class. Now I don't want to get off! This class and the instructors truly live up to the name, Awesome!"

"Had a great time it was truly awesome like the name."

"Fun, cool, and Bada--"

"Easily worth the money."
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