What Makes Us Awesome?

Mission Statement / History
Awesome Cycles, Inc. was opened by two Instructors. It was opened with the intent "to be the Awesomest™ Motorcycle Riding School in Houston". Very simply, we wanted students walking away muttering "Wow, what a rush!!". Within 5 months of opening, we set a new state record for the number of students trained in the first year of business. In our first 18 months of business, we became the largest (number of students trained) single-site school in Texas! We attribute this to our philosophy of doing our best to give our students the most relaxing, safe, and fun learning environment that we can. Almost 40% of our students come from previous student's referrals.

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We have over 14 Instructors that have a combined riding experience of over 200 years! All Instructors are hand-picked with a minimum of 5 years riding experience. They must also pass an interview and audition working with both owners, as well as an extensive Quality Assurance Visit (QAV) by a Lead Instructor. We look for Instructors that not only have knowledge of the curriculum and safety principles, but also a humorous personality as well as knowledge of motorcycles other than what they currently own/ride. Our Instructors are continuously praised for their humor, knowledge, patience and understanding when working with students. We believe that our Instructors are at the core of what makes us the Awesomest™. Our Instructors continue to obtain training certifications, attend professional development workshops, and constantly work on sharpening current riding skills as well as teaching techniques. We are also privileged to have several Instructors that do this full-time (they don't have "real" jobs).

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Class Size
Some schools are advertising that since they run smaller classes (8 students) the student gets more individualized attention. What they are not advertising is that a) these classes are normally run on a compact (much smaller) range or b) these classes are run with a single Instructor or c) usually both. While occasionally, because of enrollment, we run 6-8 students per class, due to our size and popularity, the majority of our classes are 12 students with 2 Instructors. As you can easily see the 12 student/2 Instructor classes provide a much better student/Instructor ratio (6:1) than a 8 student/1 Instructor class (8:1). As a matter of fact, a 25% better ratio. In addition, since the students work with both Instructors during their range exercises, they get feedback/input from 2 different Instructors. You could say you're getting twice the instruction for the same price. (See below for more about compact ranges.)

"For the riding portion of the course, it is recommended that a participant/RiderCoach (student/instructor) ratio be 6:1."*

"Team teaching is recommended where possible."*

*Motorcycle Safety Foundation - BRC RiderCoach Guide (January 2002)

Full-Sized Ranges (Riding Area)
All of our ranges are full-sized, not compact. We believe the full-sized ranges give the students more riding area, better safety, as well as a better environment to transition to street riding. Our ranges are all 200' X 300' (60,000 square feet), located within walking distance from the classroom and maintained weekly to ensure a safe, fun riding environment. The ranges are repainted/swept on a strict maintenance schedule.

We provide plenty of cool water (year around) as well as sport drinks and towels for cooling (summer months).

Class Schedule
Since we are the largest school in Houston, we can provide a variety of schedules in order to accommodate anyone's work schedule. We have a total of four different class schedules. Each class schedule runs the EXACT same curriculum, so no matter which class you choose, you'll be receiving the full benefits of the Basic RiderCourse.

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Cancelled Classes
While we do always reserve the right to cancel any class with less than 4 students, our record speaks for itself. Since we opened in May of 2004, we have only cancelled classes once. During hurricane Rita, since the majority of Houston was evacuating, we decided it was in the best interest of our students to cancel classes for that weekend. We moved everyone to the class of their choice, or refunded their money.

We presently carry the largest selection of training motorcycles in Houston to accommodate riders of all sizes. We are also the only school in Houston that includes sport bikes (Ninja 250s) as well as scooters in our list of training bikes. To ensure student safety our motorcycles are kept on a strict maintenance/repair schedule.

Our helmets are cleaned regularly and replaced each year.

Our large, 1000 square foot multimedia classroom is complete with break room, restroom, and a large selection of motorcycle informational materials.

In the classroom, we provide both coffee and water as well as a refrigerator for any additional drinks our students would like to bring. We also have a very large assortment of snacks and drinks readily available for purchase.

The owners of Awesome Cycles, Inc. are both certified Instructors that teach on a regular basis. By doing this, they see and understand exactly what students are experiencing and can adjust Awesome Cycles as necessary to fulfill the mission statement.

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Student Quotes

"Awesome class, awesome instructors. No wonder you call it 'Awesome Cycles"

"Enjoyed the large amount of seat-time on the bikes"

"Initially referred by Kay's then called ten other motorcycle dealerships. Seven of them gave Awesome #1"

"Awesome School, I recommend this course for everyone!"

"Very encouraging, positive, fun, all around a great experience!"

"This course rocks, the staff is awesome!"

"The instructors made me feel comfortable about not having any experience. They were patient with everyone also."

"Great class. I have been riding motorcycles for a while and this class definitely helped my road riding skills."

"I had never been on a bike before this class. Now I don't want to get off! This class and the instructors truly live up to the name, Awesome!"

"Had a great time it was truly awesome like the name."

"Fun, cool, and Bada--"

"Easily worth the money."
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